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Coup Foiled in Azerbaijan

Washington did not like it

In Azerbaijan one of the ministers arrested on a charge of conspiring to stage a coup has publicly confessed and repented. Ex-minister of health Ali Insanov appealed to Azeri president Ilkham Aliyev in a live TV broadcast.

He said he repented of his anti-constitutional activities and financial support for the electoral campaign of Democratic Party leader Rasul Guliyev.

A. Insanov also gave testimony against other conspirators. Altogether, they were twelve, according to the data of the republic's General Prosecutor's Office. Among them are ex-ministers, prominent businessmen, police chiefs, and the president of the Academy of Sciences.

In their official statement Azeri authorities also say they have information on the financing and organizing of mass disorders, and caches with weapons and ammunition stored for the purpose have been found.

By all accounts, the plot was master-minded by the said Rasul Guliyev. The ex-speaker of Azerbaijan's parliament lives abroad (now in London, now in the USA), but speaks of coming home to take part in the parliamentary election. His first attempt to do that in mid-October failed: he was arrested in the Crimea on request of Azeri authorities and had to return to London, the city which, accidentally, is often called in media circles "a plotters' paradise". A spokesman of the Democratic Party headed by R. Guliyev said yesterday that a second attempt would be undertaken soon.

Earlier, minister of economic development Farkhad Aliyev had been arrested, and presidential administrative officer Akif Muradverdiyev sacked. Also sacked were minister of education Misir Mardanov and minister of labor and social protection Ali Nagiyev. Also, president of Azerbaijan's oil company "Azpetrol" Rafik Aliyev was detained in Baku last week.

The events in Azerbaijan were frowned upon in the USA. Washington expressed concern in connection with the arrests of parliamentary candidates. Besides, the US administration is worried by the actions of Ilkham Aliyev' government restricting the freedom of speech.
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