Attack on Rodina editor was carried out after refusal to publish article / News / News agency Inforos
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Attack on Rodina editor was carried out after refusal to publish article

Attack on Rodina editor was carried out after refusal to publish article

The man who attacked the KPRF party newspaper Rodina’s editor-in-chief and employees of the territory committee in the Stavropol Region is registered with a psychiatric institution, head the KPRF faction in the Stavropol Region Duma Viktor Lozovoy, who was on the incident site during the attack, told TASS on Monday.

"On May 13, that man brought an article about Stalin to the editor-in-chief and asked him to publish it. I should say that he is registered with a psychiatric hospital. Today he came with a bag, a package, leaning on a big stick, with a hunting knife in the package <…> Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Bondarenko said that such significant political issues should be first discussed by the editorial board, and [the man] answered, ‘If it is so, then I will kill you," Lozovoy said.

Four Rodina employees - Rodina’s Editor-in-Chief Nikolai Bondarenko and three members of the KPRF territorial committee who detained the attacker - were injured in the Stavropol Region after an unidentified person had attacked them with a knife, Stavropol Region Governor Vladimir Vladimirov wrote on his Instagram page earlier on Monday.

 "A man with a knife attacked employees of the newspaper Rodina, four were injured. It is a criminal offense. The attacker was detained, and the police are carrying out the necessary actions," he wrote. Nothing is threatening their lives, Vladimirov wrote on Instagram on Monday. "Their lives are not in danger, and medics are working with them. All the necessary help will be provided to them. Two were already released home, and the issues of hospitalization is pending for two more," he wrote.

Daughter of the Rodina editor-in-chief Svetlana Sundukova said, quoting her father, that the author of two article went to the territorial committee to brawl because his articles had not been published "as they do not conform to the spirit of the newspaper and are illiterate." He took a knife during the conversation and attacked the people.

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