Russian-Chinese cooperation strengthens global security / News / News agency Inforos
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Russian-Chinese cooperation strengthens global security

Russian-Chinese cooperation strengthens global security

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the Russian-Chinese partnership was producing a positive effect on the international scale, adding he was pleased with the current level of economic cooperation between the two states.

"Now we are seeking to closely cooperate on the international arena in the interests of stability, global and regional security. Through a joint effort, our countries make an important contribution into solving the world’s most pressing problems, countering new challenges and threats, speak out jointly in favor of forming a new, fair world order, based on multipolarity, strict compliance with the international law, the UN Charter, equality and mutually beneficial cooperation," the Russian leader said at a celebration to mark the 70th anniversary of Russian-Chinese diplomatic relations, TASS reports.

"In general, Russian-Chinese relations have certainly reached an unprecedentedly high level," he continued. "Given their vast potential, we are not going to rest on our oars."

Putin also mentioned a Russian-Chinese joint statement, signed earlier in the day, saying that the document "sets up new, ambitious goals for bilateral partnership."

The Russian leader added that Moscow and Beijing "plan to expand cooperation in all areas to the benefit of citizens of the two states, promoting sustainable development of both Russia and China."

Speaking about economic cooperation, Putin noted the growing bilateral trade turnover and the fact that "China has strengthened its positions of Russia’s biggest trade partner." In his opinion, "Russian-Chinese cooperation in the energy sphere has become a strategic one.

" As an example, Putin cited plans to launch the first trans-border gas pipeline later this year and the participation of Chinese companies in the production of liquefied natural gas on Russia’s Yamal Peninsula.

"Huge possibilities have also opened for cooperation in aircraft production, space industry and defense. Joint innovative production projects are also being studied," Putin said.

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