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Economic measures against Georgia are preventive

Economic measures against Georgia are preventive

Special economic measures against Georgia will be preventive: Georgia’s authorities have to explain to extremists that provocations against Russia are inacceptable, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said on Tuesday.

"Our position is not only justified but is also preventive, as there are a great number of other opportunities to bring to their level those who went too far and who do not understand that it is not right," the speaker said at the chamber’s session, TASS report.

He reiterated that Russia holds the first place in the volume of money transfers that are coming from the country’s territory to Georgia, the first place in the consumption of the Georgian wine and mineral and sparkling water, as well as the number of tourists "who go to Georgia, leave money there and create new working places."

At Tuesday’s session the State Duma unanimously made the decision in which it denounced the anti-Russian provocations in Georgia and suggested responding to them with some economic measures. The lower chamber asked the cabinet of ministers to present the corresponding proposals to the president.

Initially, the chamber discussed the proposals on banning imports of Georgian wine and mineral water to Russia, as well as freezing of money transfers from Russia to Georgia, but then it was decided to leave it for the cabinet of ministers to determine specific economic measures.

Such measures were suggested in light of the escalation of anti-Russian sentiments in Georgia, in particular provocations on the Rustavi-2 TV channel, where presenter Georgy Gabuniya used foul language toward Russia’s authorities for more than a minute on the channel live. This issue is in the hands of Georgian politicians," Volodin said in a conversation with journalists later.

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