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US military in Poland: symmetry is required

Will Poland be able to defend America?

US military in Poland: symmetry is required

Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz has recently spoken out in favor of permanent and expanded presence of the US troops in Poland. Talking to domestic media he said that the US military presence in the country is the main deterrent of “Russia’s aggressiveness,” in particular, it keeps Russia from invading Poland. 

It is not the first time when Polish politicians replicate the idea of the so-called “Russian threat.” It is not the first time they claim that the US forces deployed in the European countries are the only factor holding back the Russian threat the continent is facing. Actually, the current Polish leadership has been using the idea of the so-called “Russian threat” for a long time.

In terms of foreign policy, the Polish politicians are persistently stressing the appropriateness of a larger contingent of US troops in Poland and wider US military presence in general. At present, there are 4,500 US servicemen in Poland and in the near future their number is expected to increase by 1,000. 

Plans to increase the number of US servicemen in Poland became known ahead of the coming visit of US President Donald Trump to that country. It is expected that the details of the US military presence expansion in Poland will be agreed during that visit.

It is notable that when he was talking about the allegedly defensive mission of the US military in Poland, for some reason, Czaputowicz called them “international armed forces”. As a top diplomat, he is well aware of when the use of the term “international” is appropriate for the military. Nevertheless, he deviated from the established norms. No doubt, this implicit and sophisticated compliment will not remain unnoticed in Washington, especially on the eve of Trump's visit. The current Polish leadership is marked by a combination of servility to the U.S. and arrogance towards its neighbors.

The question is - why has Czaputowicz has got into these speculations about the role of the US military in Europe now? It is likely that he has some explanation if he is asked about it, but the circumstances show that his statements were made on the eve of the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his French counterpart Macron, which was held on August 19. It looks like he cautioned the French President against softening the rhetoric during negotiations with Putin, let alone taking steps to normalize relations with Russia. What does it entail - Polish ambitions or American concerns? Apparently, there is plenty of both!

But let’s go back to Czaputowicz’ understanding of “defenders” of Poland. Polish politicians consider the presence of defenders in the country and their systematic maneuvers as a guarantee of Polish security. A nice thesis, but it is outright selfish!

What if these "treacherous" Russians ignore Polish ambitions for “being a sacrifice” and invade the U.S. instead? Will the Americans have to defend the cradle of world democracy on their own? It’s not fair! Deploying the Polish troops on the US territory on an ongoing basis would be an optimal solution in such a difficult situation. Especially because the Polish are very experienced in “Russian treachery”. If, according to Czaputowicz, the US forces are the main defenders of Poland, consequently, the Polish military plays a supporting role. That means that their absence in their homeland will be unnoticed.

The Polish troops could be deployed the U.S. at the points, which are most vulnerable to Russian offence and Americans could be calm for their safety. It is reasonable to supplement the Polish troops on the U.S. territory with the military of the Baltic countries, other big experts in “Russian treachery.”

The ongoing maneuvers for redeployment of American troops to Europe could also include redeployments of Polish troops to the U.S., so as not to expose the American territory to the external threat and not to make Americans worry about to the lack of elite US military personnel in the country.

Undoubtedly, the establishment of such coordination between the American and Polish military would significantly enhance the sense of security among both Poles and Americans.

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