Russia calls for condemning radicals in Kosovo for raising tensions in Balkans / News / News agency Inforos
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Russia calls for condemning radicals in Kosovo for raising tensions in Balkans

Russia calls for condemning radicals in Kosovo for raising tensions in Balkans

The Kosovo administration’s intrusions into the Serb-populated areas undermine stability in the Balkan region, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

"We consider the Kosovo administration’s actions as a continuation of its overt policy aimed at raising ethnic tensions in the region, which may undermine stability in the Balkans," the statement reads. "These developments are another striking example of the failure of Kosovo’s ‘statehood’," the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out, TASS reports.

Moscow calls on the international community "to condemn the actions of Kosovo’s radical forces and their violation of basic principles and standards of human rights that are accepted by the civilized world."

"This act of violence proves that the Pristina authorities are nervous because of their failed attempts to fulfill their obsessive dream to ensure Kosovo’s accession to Interpol. A while ago, facing the risk of a failure at the Interpol General Assembly, Kosovo had to withdraw its bid," the statement adds.

The Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized that a scandal "concerning some ballots allegedly sent from Central Serbia to Pristina during the October 6 ‘parliamentary’ election in Kosovo only made the situation worse." "It is a clear attempt to question the results achieved by the Serb List [political party], which won all ten seats reserved for the Serbs in the local assembly," the document reads.

On Wednesday, about 100 members of Kosovo’s special police units intruded the Serb-populated areas on 25 vehicles in violation of existing agreements. Kosovo’s police explained the intrusion saying that an operation to detain those involved in the murder of Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic was underway. Two people were apprehended during the operation.

Kosovo’s independence

Serbia’s autonomous province of Kosovo unilaterally declared independence in February 2008. In 2010, its independence was recognized by the International Court of Justice (CIJ). Kosovo claims to have been recognized by 117 countries so far, while Serbia says Kosovo enjoys the support of less than 100 nations. More than 60 countries, including Russia, China, India, Israel, Greece and Spain oppose Kosovo’s independence.

Pristina has been trying to receive full membership in international organizations such as UNESCO and Interpol in order to become a full member of the United Nations. Kosovo already is a member of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

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